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The view from the Methodist Mission House's balcony in Ahuachapan, El Salvador.

I was not feeling well today due to the diversity of the dishes coupled with the long travel and change of weather, so I was unable to participate in any of our outreach. This gave me the opportunity that I might otherwise not have had to spend quiet time with God. Sitting on the balcony, taking in the sights and sounds was mentally, physically, and spiritually very comforting. I wish I could bottle the serenity I felt and open it when life happens; the peace I feel is indescribable. As we were getting ready to have lunch, one of the ladies came out of the kitchen with a delicious bowl of chicken soup. When I went to thank them, they told me that Pastor Juan's wife, Johanna, had cooked it for me. How incredible and thoughtful this was! In addition to the chicken soup, I was given a bowl of home made remedy that the ladies brought to me. They were accompanied by a little boy who helped with the translation. As the ladies spoke, the little boy told me that the "soup" was to make me feel better. This was a very special act of kindness to me as it showed how much they truly care and how willing they were to help me feel better. I am humbled by the love shown by these beautiful people. The love and joy shown is just one of the many reasons I return with this mission team each year. I rested during the day, and at dinner time the ladies had cooked at different kind of soup for me. After supper we (the team) continued with our devotion and game time. It was teh end of a very meaningful day.

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