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Obreros de Dios (God's Workers)

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

As we were finishing up our work week, and getting ready to have a couple of free days I realized how blessed we truly are. We are blessed to have a job, we're blessed to have our family with us, but our biggest blessing is having the heart to help others, to put ourselves aside and care for other people's necessities; we are blessed with so much love we are able to share it and give even more. This past week I had the opportunity to work in different jobs: helped with construction, VBS, and went door to door giving bags of food to families with necessities; and every single one of these jobs taught me something different.

Deevana admires a neighbor's grill filled with fresh, hand-made tortillas

Coming on this trip has impacted my life more than I could have ever thought. I knew we came here to help and impact the life of the people by helping them and giving them what they can hardly get, but instead, it is me whom they have impacted. They have showed me true love. They have taught me that having God in your heart is what absolutely matters. You are not shaped by what you have and anything you can get, you are shaped by how Godly you are and how much you can do for God and others...and that was something I had forgotten.

I am overwhelmed with joy by how much I have grown spiritually and closer to God. I am leaving this place soon, but this place will never leave my heart; these people will forever have a special place in my heart.

Deevana Rodriguez

Hernando United Methodist Church

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