Our Mission:  Guiding and Encouraging People to take their NEXT STEPS following Christ

In the Scriptures, Jesus calls disciples by saying, "Follow Me."  Discipleship is not a one-time choice, but a lifelong commitment.  We should each be striving to take our next steps and as we take these steps, we experience God's grace. 

There are 4 areas that we believe are essential to the life of a disciple:  


Experience & Spend Time with God

Learn in Community

Serve Others

To help in guiding and encouraging you, please consider the chart below.  Where are you in each of the four areas?  How can you take a step from where you are and move toward being in the maturing phase?

Or if the chart is hard to read, take this short 4 question quiz to help you identify where you are!

Discipleship Handout v4.webp