2021 Leadership for Minor Memorial UMC 

Church Council for 2021.  The membership shall include but not be limited to the following:
1) Church Council Chair – Mike Beasley (2021)
2) Lay Leader – Karla Lance (2021
3) Chairperson of SPRC –  Ben Smith (2023)

4) Chairperson of Trustees – Tim Patrick (2023)

5) Chairperson of Finance (Church Treasurer) – Joe Mason (2024)
6) Worship Chairs - Sherry Jolley & Billie Wilhite (2021)

7) Witness/Evangelism Coordinator - Mary Bonner (2023)

8) Congregational Care Coordinator -Kelly Lumpkin (2022)

9) Adult Education Coordinator - Mike Beasley (2021)

10) Family Life/Fellowship Coordinator -Jennifer Mason (2022)

11) Outreach/Missions Coordinators – Jimmy Cavallo & Nancy Hall (2021)

12) Children’s Ministry Coordinator:  Alena Cushman (2022)           

13)  Youth Ministry Rep: Heather Cavallo (2022)

14)  After School Program Director – Tina Patrick
15)  Youth Minister – Chase Carter 

16)  Worship Leader - Alicia Butler
17)  Pastor – Rev. Amanda Gordon

18)  Lay Members to Annual Conference (2) - Karla Lance & Mary Bonner


Board of Trustees — Tim Patrick, Chair; Rev. Amanda Gordon, Pastor

Rick Dunning            

David Guyer                   

Becky Holcomb 



Pam Armstrong

Randy Lance   

Aline Turner        



Brooke Brown

Tim Patrick

Sue Schumaker
Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development – Rev. Amanda Gordon, Chair; Karla Lance, Lay Leader
LaJuanna Beasley        
Lisa Owen                  
Ann Robison



David Guyer

Jim Holland

Patsy Vick


Rob Cushman

Paula Funderburk

Nancy Hall


Staff Parish Relations Committee — Ben Smith, Chair; Lay Leader/Lay Member AC: Karla Lance; Rev. Amanda Gordon, Pastor
Jennifer Mason          
John Sayle

Peggy Linton 



Anita Guyer

John Hogan

Gary Schumaker


Kathy Garrison

Ann Jolley

Ben Smith

Finance Committee—Joe Mason, Chair; Rev. Amanda Gordon, Pastor
       1)  Finance Chairperson/Treasurer - Joe Mason

       2)  Finance Secretary - Dawn Wilkinson

       3)  SPRC Chair - Ben Smith

       4)  Lay Leader/Lay Leader AC - Karla Lance   

       5)  Church Council Chairperson - Mike Beasley

       6)  Trustee Chair - Tim Patrick

       7) - 9)  Additional Members - Ilene Hogan (2021), Angela Boisseau (2022), 

                   Chuck Jolley (2023)


Permanent Endowment Fund Committee

Church Council Chair:  Mike Beasley

Trustee Representative:  Rick Dunning

Finance Chair:  Joe Mason

Members-at-large:  LaJuanna Beasley (2021), Billie Wilhite (2022), Ilene Hogan (2023)

Pastor:  Amanda Gordon

Additional Church Leadership:

Reserve Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Mike Beasley

Cluster Representative:  Billie Wilhite

Membership Secretary:  Dawn Wilkinson

Ball Field: Tim & Tina Patrick

Offering Counters:  Ilene Hogan, Gary Schumaker, Joe Mason, David Guyer, Ben Smith, John Hogan

Checking Account(s) Signatures:  Tina Patrick, Rick Dunning, Ilene Hogan, Ann Walker, Joe Mason, Sandy Marbry


After School Care Board

President:  Ilene Hogan

SPRC Representative:  Chelsea Hickerson

Church Members:  Cathy Herrington, Anita Guyer, Sherry Jolley, Billie Wilhite

After School Care Parent:  Jennifer Mason

Director:  Tina Patrick

Pastor:  Amanda Gordon